Confessions of a Thrift Store Junkie

You might as well face it you're addicted to Junk

December 7, 2009

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With the Christmas holiday nearly upon us everyone is trying to get their very important tacky sweater Christmas parties planned.  And what better place to go to find the best in tacky sweaters but Good Will!  Well anyway you would think that but when Lessie (roommate) and I went to the Good will on old 41, I found nothing.  It was a little disappointing except for the fact that I decided to buy footy pajamas at Target instead…  I did find a neat shirt and Lessie found a super cool dress that she is going to wear to a friends wedding.

It is a pretty decent Good Will.  Though the thing with Good Will is that it definitely tends to be more expensive than just normal Thrift Stores.  There is at least a 3 to 4 dollar difference.  This doesn’t seem like much but I get so used to one dollar shirts and then when I go to Good Will and they are five dollars I think a little more before buying things.  Jewelry tends to be more expensive as well.  Though, compared to buying stuff brand new, it is still pretty good.

This Good Will is also organized well.  This is always a point of concern for me because I don’t usually feel like spending more than 5 to 10 min. looking through clothing racks.  The sizes here are a little confusing but most of the time it isn’t too bad.  It is mainly divided by types of clothing.  Like all women’s pants on one rack, shirts or blouses on another, skirts, jackets…etc.  So if I was going to give this place a rating out of 10 I would give it about a 6.  Here is a check list that I use to see whether I will be a frequent comer to a particular thrift store…

  1. Size – the bigger the better.  Not always but it certainly makes it a little more fun when there is more stuff to look through.
  2. Organization – when the clothes are all over the place and in no particular order I get lazy and don’t want to deal with it all.  Flipping through each t-shirt or skirt to see if they have my size gets to be very tedious.  Especially when there is a lot to go through. – Pants are the hardest.
  3. Dressing rooms – I always like to try stuff on and 9 times out of 10 there will be a dressing room.  Sometimes there aren’t any and it is a gamble whether or not it is going to fit and you usually can’t take it back.  So then you just would have spent 5 hard earned dollars that you will probably just I give right back to another thrift store.
  4. Furniture – thrift stores are also great places to find furniture like old desks and bookcases, beds and dressers.  So I like to know that they have at least some furniture that I can periodically come and look through.
  5. Location – and of course where the store is in relation to where I live is a big one.  If it is close by then I can go all the time and see what new treasures they might have!

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