Confessions of a Thrift Store Junkie

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November 28, 2009

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So recently I went to a Church Sale.  This was a bit more exciting than most yard sales because there is so much in one area.  And usually, the deals are pretty good.  We arrived early so they weren’t completely set up but there was still a great deal of stuff out.  My friend Liz just moved and needed some necessary things for her new living space so we were on a mission to equip her with a toaster and a microwave and any other furnishings that she needed to make her feel at home in her new home.  It has become my room mate Lessie and my desire to find all the things she needs at yard sales we go to.  Lessie is the yard sale queen so she probably won’t have any problem getting it all for Liz and or probably a very good deal too.

Liz definitely scored at the Church sale.  A toaster and a Microwave in very nice condition each for $10.  She also got a little cabinet thing for her bathroom for $15.  I bought a leather purse from Paraguay for $2 and space shaped ice cube trays for $1.

Unfortunately I don’t have a good camera with me at the moment but I will take pictures and post our finds!  Liz and I tried to other yard sales but we either couldn’t find them or they had nothing.  Signage for these yard sales is so important!  If people can’t follow your signs then no one will come.  It is a pretty basic fact but some I believe need to be reminded because the terrible signage continues!  Well anyway, a pretty  successful trip for Liz and this purse is pretty cool.

pictures to come…


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